Monday, September 7, 2015

We Need Diverse Illustrators

Meet David Cruz. I am very fortunate to have watched this cutie grow up. (Is this not the best picture ever?!)
Portrait of a Future Artist.
David is one of those kids who ALWAYS had a crayon in his hand. We all just knew he was destined to be an artist.
Still drawing!
Dave is all grown-up now (I can't believe he is 23!) 
Jenni & Dave in February 
... and he is still drawing. 
 Love the headphones--I use them, too!
I'm so delighted that Dave is now part of my professional community--the wonderful world of children's literature creators. 

Dave has autism and after aging out of high school, he turned to illustrating.  The first book he illustrated, Look at Me Look at Me: An Eye Contact Game For You and Me is now available as a digital book.

And it's GREAT. It has been self-published with a wonderful team. 

But I personally hope that some smart traditional publisher will swoop in and snatch it up and give it a new life on bookshelves. Because this is a book that should be read by every child. 

Please consider supporting this great artist by talking up his book.

Because ... We Need Diverse Books!