Tuesday, August 18, 2015

THE YARN podcast!

I am beyond excited to be in the inaugural season of the new kid lit podcast series by Colby Sharp and Travis Jonker. It's called ...

In Travis's words:
Part interviews, part documentary, our concept for Season 1 is to look at one book from all angles. You usually hear from the author of a story, but we wanted to also hear from the people behind the scenes – the editor, the cover designer, the colorist, and more.
And what book are they looking at?!?!!

  • Aug. 17: Introduction/”This Season on The Yarn”
  • Aug. 18: Raina Telgemeier (graphic novel expert)
  • Aug. 19: David Levithan (editor/author)
  • Aug. 20: Phil Falco (cover designer)
  • Aug. 21: David Saylor (founder/publisher of the Graphix imprint)
  • Aug. 22: Lark Pien (cartoonist/colorist)
  • Aug. 23: Matthew Holm (illustrator)
  • Aug. 24: Jennifer Holm (author)
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Happy listening!